Business Broadband

Triton Telecom Business Broadband Packages

Apart from sourcing the best Business Telephone System for you, we understand that effective business communications rely on a lot more than simply telephones, which is why we can provide your business with the best business broadband and at some of the best  speeds in the UK. Please ask about our ADSL Broadband & High Speed Internet packages on 0800 849 8030. business broadband Our current supplier serves over 7000 business broadband users throughout the UK. The service is provided by a tier 1 Business Broadband network provider & offers speeds of up to 80Mb downstream and up to 20Mb upstream. High speed broadband is an essential in business in the UK today with many businesses now sending and receiving large data files as well as streaming for audio and visual conferencing.

If you are looking for more than just a traditional ADSL solution then Triton Telecom can provide you with EFM ( Ethernet First Mile ) and Private Circuits with flexible bandwidths at very affordable rates.

We can offer 10Mb and 10Mb down for much lower prices than many competitors on the market we can also flex these speed up and down and required. These bandwidths depend on the nature of your business and can be taiolred to suit your needs and flex up and down as required.

Business broadband features:

  • Lower Contention rates allowing faster surfing and faster load times on web pages
  • you can download a standard music track with us in just 1.6 seconds.
  • Enjoy Faster Upload Times – you can send and receive large emails files at much faster speeds with our premium service upload a photo in just 8 seconds
  • Connect Multiple Office Computers – Faster connectivity over your Office LAN
  • Static IP Addresses are included with our Broadband Service with an option to add more if required.

Our Promise To You

Wherever you are located and whatever your requirement for a business telephone system, we promise to treat your enquiries with the best customers service levels in today’s modern business marketplace. If you would like to find out more about our business broadband packages we have a member of staff who will be happy to guide you through the many services we provide.

We can help you choose the right Broadband package to suit your individual business need please contact us today on 0800 849 8030.