EFM Ethernet First Mile


EFM Ethernet First Mile is a much more affordable solution with huge savings when compared to traditional fibre leased lines.EFM provides symmetrical Bandwidth at speeds of upto 20 Mbps at very affordable prices for businesses as demand continues to grow for faster and fatser internet connection speeds. EFM offers uncontended bandwidth meaning the bandwidth is not shared with other users in the local area, as a result you will not suffer any slow down or inconsitansies in your bandwidth.

EFM offers a robust solution in providing VPN or VoIP connections, offering an alternative to SDSL or traditional leased lines, it is also essential for any small business with cloud based applications or services or customers who upload large amounts of data between multiple sites.

EFM Ethernet First Mile offers you resilience over your network making it very reliable and it is covered by SLA (service level agreements ) giving you piece of mind that your network will remain constantly reliable in terms of bandwidth speeds.

EFM is now available to over 80% of UK business Premises this number will continue to grow as networks are rolled out across the whole of the UK.

EFM is normally installed within 6 weeks from the point of order, this is around half the time taken for a fibre leased installation.

EFM gains its reliability in terms of service levels from consolidating multiple copper wires into a connection that is very resilient. If one pair of copper wires were to fail the connection would continue to work but at a lower speed making the service fault tolerant.

EFM connections are terminated onto standard Cat5e plugs and can be connected as a standard Ethernet connection meaning they can be plugged into standard WAN ports of customer Routers or Firewalls with a standard Cat5e cable.

EFM is also known as Ethernet Broadband and Ethernet Internet.


Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a low cost Ethernet access option on the Wholesale Ethernet product, delivered on up to 8 bonded copper pairs, using state of the art Hatteras equipment. Available at speeds of up to 35Mbit/s, it’s perfect for businesses that are within 4.5km of an enabled exchange.

EFM offers all the advantages of Ethernet including the power to run bandwidth-hungry applications, such as VoIP and Video Conferencing. However there’s no need for new cabling providing a low cost and more environmentally friendly solution that’s ideal for SME’s.


As you would expect from one of the world’s leading communications suppliers, our EFM access solution offers exceptional performance, coverage and choice. We have 721 live EFM nodes across the UK, and we are the only supplier who can use between 1 and 8 pairs to offer real flexibility of up to 35Mbit/s. We don’t offer a ‘best endeavours’ service with our inbuilt system capacity; we guarantee the bandwidth you order. Plus, we monitor each EFM circuit proactively for any degradation in service, so you and your customers have the best possible experience. All this means that when you choose BT Wholesale EFM you can have real confidence that your network performance and reliability will underpin your own service propositions.

Specification BT EFM

Speed Guaranteed speeds from 0.2Mbit/s to 35Mbit/s

Provision Provision lead time of 25 working days from all live nodes backed with SLG

Repair SLA of 7 hours backed with SLG

Port & VLAN based services Port & VLAN based services are supported

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