BT Quantum

BT Quantum Handsets

BT Quantum Handsets



The BT Quantum is a Telephone System that we can move, reprogram or add extra extensions to if required.

We have a team of 150 engineers across the UK that are capable of working on this system at very short notice and we are Ex BT engineers so we are very familiar with all BT Telephone Systems from the older BT Meridian Norstar range all the way through to the BT Versatility, Avaya, Mitel and BT Quantum Telephone Systems.

If you have this system on lease with BT we can sell you an Identical Telephone System starting at £295.00+VAT which will then allow you to exit your lease and free up the money that can be used elsewhere in your business.

BT Handsets

We also off the full range of BT Quantum system handsets and we cal help with the Telephone System Software and talk you through programming the Telephone System if required?

The BT Quantum is accessed through you LAN and the ip address for the system is PLease call us on 0800 849 8030 for more information on how to make changes to the system either through a web based browser or through you Telephone System handsets?

BT Quantum

The BT Quantum has been sold to many businesses all over the UK in the last few years and has the ability to allow IP Handsets, Analogue Telephone lines, ISDN2e Digital Telephone Lines ( up to 8 lines running through the system ), ISDN30e Digital Telephone Lines ( up to 30 lines running through the system, Analogue Telephone Extensions, Digital Telephones Extensions, SIP Trunks as well as many more features that are available on this great little Telephone System. We have relocated and installed hundreds of BT Quantum Telephone Systems all over the UK and we have one of the most extensive knowledge bases in the whole of the UK on the programming and wiring of the BT Quantum Telephone System.

Please call us today on 0800 849 8030 to speak to a member of staff free of charge.



Destination Silver Tariff Gold Tariff
Local Calls 1.3 PPM 0.99 PPM *
National Calls 1.3 PPM 0.99 PPM *
Vodafone Mobile 8.9 PPM 6.9 PPM *
o2 Mobile 8.9 PPM 6.9 PPM *
T-Mobile 8.9 PPM 6.9 PPM *
USA 3.5 PPM 2.9 PPM *
Germany 5.5 PPM 4.9 PPM *
India 29 PPM 22 PPM *
Australia 5.5 PPM 4.9 PPM
Ireland 5.5 PPM 4.9 PPM *
Amsterdam 5.5 PPM 4.9 PPM *
Italy 5.5 PPM 4.9 PPM *
Spain 3.5 PPM 2.9 PPM *