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CAT®S61 Smartphone with built-in thermal imaging camera

Brand new to Triton Telecom, the CAT®S61 Smartphone is not your average phone.

The CAT®S61 Smartphone comes complete with a built-in thermal imaging camera, allowing you to accurately record temperatures at the click of a button.

It cleverly visualises heat that is invisible to the naked eye and identifies elevated body heat which is one of the symptoms of coronavirus.

Owner of Triton Telecom, Dean Billington, said: “These phones are remarkable. They are a cost-effective solution for anyone who needs to make their premises safer by checking body temperature as lockdown is lifted and we gradually reopen. They can even be washed in soapy water or cleaning agents to keep them germ-free and you can use them wearing gloves.”

The thermal imaging camera can also be used to pinpoint heat loss through defective insulation, around doors and windows, damp areas and over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry.

The phone has two other main features; an Indoor Air Quality Sensor and a Laser Assisted Distance Measurement.

Using the Air app, the Indoor Air Quality Sensor measures temperature, humidity and monitors the level of air pollutants such as solvents, glues, paints and cleaning agents.

It will tell you when improved ventilation is needed to reduce exposure to VOCs and prevent a range of health issues.

Say goodbye to fiddly tape measures with the Laser Assisted Distance Measurement.

Via the Measure app, the device’s in-built laser and rear camera are used to calculate distances, making quotes a breeze.

You can easily estimate the materials needed for wall tiling, wallpapering, painting, flooring or skirting board fitting, running piping or cable, or for preparing floor plans.

The Smartphone is designed to support rugged lifestyles and survive tough, challenging environments. This makes them the perfect choice for those working on construction sites, farms and other extreme locations. It is water, dust and drop-proof and can be used with wet hands or when wearing work or gardening gloves. You can wash it repeatedly in soaps, cleaning fluids and detergents to keep them germ and dirt-free.

Additionally, the battery is renowned for its long life making the CAT®S61 Smartphone suitable for those working in remote locations or on sites where charging points are unavailable.

For more information about this innovative new product please call us on 0800 849 8030 or click HERE