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VoIP services help employees working from home stay connected

Flexible and packed full of useful features, VoIP services and our hosted VoIP systems have proved their incredible worth to businesses which are continuing to operate remotely.

With some offices still off-limits and working from home the norm, our hosted customers can effortlessly adapt their ICT solutions to ensure communication remains unaffected.

For some businesses, the ability to maintain relationships with clients and collaborations between workers is vital to surviving these uncertain times.

The Benefits of VoIP

One of several benefits of VoIP is that if you have an internet connection you can use your phone as though you are in the office, no matter where you are. This means that conversations with customers and team members can still take place and all the usual functions you’d expect from a phone system – such as voicemail, hunt groups, call transfer and music-on-hold – can continue.

Forming an essential part of our VoIP offering, Collaborate is a remote working app which provides the tools needed to unify communications seamlessly.

Compatible with all Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices, Collaborate enables users to save contacts, make and receive voice and video calls (including group calls) and share videos and documents. It also has an instant messaging feature and a ‘presence’ status so you can see who is available when, and set yours to show when you’re busy, out of the office and more.

The recent, unpredictable times have resulted in changes in demand and businesses altering staffing levels. VoIP structures can quickly and easily be changed so, as employers scale up and down and the number of users expand and decrease, systems can quickly and inexpensively be modified to suit requirements.

As well as facilitating remote working, VoIP can also be used alongside apps and programs to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

If you use Microsoft Teams as part of Office 365, you can save money by making native calls via our hosted platform. Direct Routing is a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans, which doesn’t compromise the quality of your calls.

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to change the shape of our daily lives for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to switch to a VoIP system from Triton Telecom as part of your business continuity plans. As VoIP specialists, we’re able to provide a system with the flexibility needed to adapt to diversifying ways of working and keep teams connected whilst being apart.

Cost-effective, reliable and future-proof, we can provide businesses of any size and type with a bespoke, unified and fully integrated communications management service.

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