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What is the best phone system for surgeries?

We often get asked what is the best phone system for surgeries & medical practices, and with healthcare under an extortionate amount of pressure, you might think updating or upgrading phone systems would be the last think on the minds of managers and staff. However, in the ongoing climate of remote working and telephone appointments, it’s something many surgeries are seeing as a vital area that needs attention now. It’s critical that surgeries can communicate using a fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and reliable system.

A VoIP system from Triton Telecom ticks all those boxes. Plus, it’s packed full of features to meet the needs of users, internally and externally.

Gone are the days of calling your surgery to find the line constantly engaged or ringing out with nobody available to answer you. A VoIP system can handle a constant stream of incoming calls by routing calls to an auto attendant. Callers will hear a pre-recorded message and be given numbers to press to reach specific people or departments. This filters out any unnecessary calls and places people in a queue system or a hunt group if they cannot be answered straight away. This provides a more seamless service and frees up staff time as they no longer have to transfer calls elsewhere.

  • Callers in a queue system can be played music interspersed with a message informing them of their position and advising them to, for example, ring 111 or 999 for more serious illnesses or accidents or advising what to do if they have symptoms requiring urgent assistance
  • A hunt group means that several phones will ring simultaneously, so calls are distributed between several lines and picked up by whoever is available

With a VoIP system you can also:

  • Record calls, including abusive ones where evidence may be needed
  • Integrate some CRM systems so that patient care teams can access information and use the ‘click to dial’ feature to increase efficiency
  • Allow flexible working via the Collaborate app
  • Direct Dial-in so that internal calls don’t clog up reception lines
  • Be fully flexible, so as numbers grow larger or smaller the system can quickly and easily be altered
  • Programme speed dial to ring hospitals or departments at the touch of a button
  • Call patients without giving out a direct line number. Instead the main or receptionist’s number will be displayed

What’s even better is that a VoIP system can be installed for minimal capital outlay and disruption. It can also reduce costs as calls and lines are usually cheaper, even to mobile phones, and as the system is cloud-based there are no costly engineering appointments to maintain it.

Why Triton Telecom?

We have many happy clients in the sector who enjoy our high levels of customer service and competitive prices. If you sign up to our broadband and VoIP package, you will get the best quality calls and we’ll give you free handsets worth £173 each which come with a lifetime guarantee.

With BT’s announcement that they are going to be switching off traditional phone lines from 2025, surgeries using heritage systems need to future-proof their phones.

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