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Making customer service a Priority

Our philosophy has always been about placing the customer at the heart of what we do. With so much competition in the market place it’s not just about our experience in the industry (we have been involved in telecommunications for over 30 years by the way), it’s also about ensuring that the customer gets what they need to solve the issues that they have. Every customer is unique, we understand that, and we make sure that their needs are addressed from the very first point of contact. We understand that budget is always a consideration which is why we offer an initial, free review of an existing system and our pricing is completely transparent, and we offer itemised per second billing.

Our experience also means that we are often faced with situations that we have come across before and our proven disaster recovery strategies have helped many customers out of a sticky situation. We also like to keep it personal with a regular ‘Keeping in Touch’ initiative designed to constantly review customer satisfaction that allows us to react and respond to any customer feedback. Our clients have very differing needs, and we understand that working with large organisations can present different requirements to working with an SME. We are conscious of providing the same service level to each and every customer.

We are a telecoms company based near Birmingham but our customers span across the whole of the United Kingdom and the telecommunications services we provide vary from one customer to another. One requirement may be entirely different to another and we will adapt accordingly but we pride ourselves on a consistent level of customer service which means that our customers stay with us for a long time. For a free, no obligation review of your current system and your bills please contact us here or call us on 0800 849 8030 to see how we can help you and possibly save you money too.