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One of only three secret telephone exchanges

The Triton Telecom services span across many of the modern day communications methods and just like the industry as a whole we are always evolving and adding to the service we provide to businesses across the UK. From VOIP services to connectivity solutions, telephone lines to full telephone systems we can cover any business’ requirements. Based in Solihull, very close to England’s second city – Birmingham, we are also very conscious of the history of our industry in the area and specifically in Birmingham city centre.

secret telephone exchangesNot many people are aware but Birmingham actually was home to one of only three secret telephone exchanges in the UK that were established to ensure that communications could be maintained in the event of a nuclear attack. Alongside similar facilities in London and Manchester, the Anchor Exchange was built in the 1950s deep underneath the city to maintain essential telecommunications services in the UK should the worst happen. The nuclear bunker took four years to build and is known to be located on Newhall Street in the city centre but the network of underground tunnels stretch as far as the Jewellery Quarter across the city. At the time, when paranoia of a nuclear attack was at its highest the bunker was designed to withstand the attack of a nuclear bomb and housed, at the time, some of the most sophisticated telecommunications equipment that was available.

The Anchor Exchange was only ever put on high alert once while it was in commission which was in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis but it was always on standby to provide telecommunications services across the UK should it be needed. By the 1970s, the equipment had become obsolete – very much like today technology moves fast and new developments in the telecommunications industry soon overtook what had been put in place. The secret telcoms facility was eventually decommissioned but the tunnels are still being used for telecommunications services in Birmingham as they still house communication cables for the city.

While things have moved on significantly since those days we like to think that here at Triton Telecom we are continuing a proud history of telecommunications services in the UK with our base just down the road in Solihull. For telecoms solutions for your business that are evolving with the industry, contact us to for a free review and we’ll help you find ways save you money on your existing service.