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Real disaster recovery for telecoms

telecoms disaster recoveryDisaster recovery for telecoms can sometimes be about rescuing businesses in the most urgent of situations. After leading sports betting company Low6 were let down by another telecoms company during an office move Triton Telecom stepped in to deliver.

As you can imagine time is critical to any company dealing with lots of transactions every minute, working closely with Low6’s Co Founder we formulated a plan to get their phone lines and business broadband services up and running in just 28 days, a job that would normally take 90 days or more to complete.

We worked around the clock with all parties to bring forward the timeline at every step, even when facing critical challenges like missing cabling which they had previously been assured had been completed.

Later we even discovered the Wifi Access points had also not been fitted, this was obviously going to cause a number of issues for any app company, but despite all the issues we faced together our team managed to get everything they needed in place. However within days we were all then facing the further challenge, a national lockdown due to the pandemic.

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Thanks to the forward thinking of our team and the great relationship we had built with Low6 we then managed to get everything they needed to work remotely. Yet again we delivered faster than it would normally take, here’s what their Co-founder and Director Jamie Mitchell had to say about our services.

“Dean Billington and Triton Telecom. They provided our lease line and VOIP switch. From start to finish, installed, in 4 weeks! Incredible. Dean delivered and configured our switch, to help us hit a deadline. That’s service! “
Jamie Mitchell – Low6 Co-Founder

If you are looking for a reliable UK telecoms company then give us a call on 0800 849 8030 or contact us here, we can also tell you about the ways you can reduce risks and keep your workforce working remotely if and whenever you need.