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Benefits of a Cloud-Based Telephone System

As businesses grow and develop, they usually need to adapt their communication services to function efficiently. Whether scaling up, downsizing or opening additional premises, the modern business needs to be able to react to change without compromising service.

Historically, telephone systems have not always been as flexible or as simple as users would have liked. A cloud-based system, however, allows for a much more agile and cost-effective way to manage telecommunications which can be easily adapted as business needs change.

Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of cloud-hosted telephone systems and how they could help your business.

Fully integrated communications system

With a cloud-based system, your telecoms can sync up with tools that you use within your business, including email services, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and video conferencing. This gives a more joined-up approach to your communications strategy.

Control over what’s needed

Users can pick and choose what they need to enhance their service delivery. You can turn on or off features that may or may not be relevant, giving you greater control and ensuring your system is bespoke to your needs.


As the work from home culture grows, cloud-based telephone systems allow users to log in from virtually anywhere. This makes them perfect for organisations that are looking to adapt and provide more flexible working options for their staff.

Flexible services

If you need to deal with a rising number of calls or you’re recruiting more staff, the cloud-based system allows you to add as many extensions as required. If this amount needs to be reduced, they can easily be removed too. You only pay for what you use and increasing or decreasing user numbers is simple and cost-effective.

Phone system costs

There are usually no ongoing maintenance costs with a cloud-based system, whereas a traditional telephone system can incur periodic upkeep charges due to the hardware needed.

Installation costs for cloud-based phone systems are also often lower, so your outlay is minimal. There’s also no need for multiple phone lines with a cloud-hosted system, so monthly rental is cheaper too.


With a cloud-hosted telephone system, your supplier is responsible for the system’s security. Disaster recovery plans and physical security in your provider’s data centre will ensure that you are totally protected. But, if something ever does go wrong, data can be rerouted to another part of the system, giving you a robust business continuity plan too.

Advanced telephone features

A cloud-based telephone system can have features that have previously only been accessible to large businesses. This could be on-hold music and marketing messages, call centre options or dynamic call re-routing so that a phone never goes unanswered.

Business continuity

If your business faces unusual or unexpected circumstances that may prevent staff from getting to work, you can remain unaffected to the outside world with a cloud-based system. The system’s transferability means that while circumstances may be challenging internally or externally, your business will appear to be functioning as usual.

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