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Why you should consider business mobile phones

Mobile phones form a vital part of our daily lives. Both for business and leisure, they are the go-to device for gathering information, asking for directions, searching for online purchases and making and receiving phone calls.

Most people have a mobile in some capacity, whether it’s the latest smartphone or a more basic model that just serves a purpose.

So, why should you consider business mobiles for your staff when they probably already have their own phone?

Here are a few reasons why companies opt for business mobile phones from Triton Telecom.

Easier to administer and monitor

If you are currently reimbursing your employees for using their personal mobiles for business use, it creates more work.

They’ll need to calculate their work usage and submit the paperwork to claim the money back. You will need to approve their expenses and refund them.

If you provided them with a phone, this process would be eradicated and the employee wouldn’t be out of pocket waiting for the reimbursement to be made.

Look more professional

An employee’s personal phone is for their use, so they’ll likely have Facebook, Instagram and all manner of other apps installed.

If their phone is constantly pinging and buzzing, it will disrupt their working day. It can also look unprofessional, especially in front of clients. A dedicated work phone can eliminate all of that as it can be used just for work communication and allow the user to distinguish between business and personal use.

A business mobile phone can also help ensure that any communication is purely work-related. This enables your workforce to distinguish easily between work and personal calls, so there should be no risk of awkward, misplaced conversations or accidentally answering a call from a client in the wrong way.

It can increase productivity

Mobile phones can facilitate video calls, give access to emails and much more at almost any time and location. Providing your team with an up-to-date business mobile, with the functionality they need, means your staff may be able to complete tasks when they are not in front of a computer.

Some business mobiles can do remarkable things such as take accurate measurements and record timesheet information, as well as interact with cloud platforms to share critical information for your organisation. In times when remote working is becoming ever more frequent, having the right technology to be able to perform tasks like this can be crucial to your success.

Are you considering updating your business mobile contract or looking to introduce mobiles for your company? Call us today on 0800 849 8030 or send us a message here and we will be happy to help you identify the best handsets and tariffs from our vast range.