Door entry systems

Door entry systems

Door entry systems

Keep people, premises and assets safe and secure by controlling who has access to your building and the specific areas within it.
Triton Telecom’s door entry systems can be adapted to suit a range of buildings and requirements including:

Access Control

Control who has access to your building with a flexible and cost-effective access control system.

Access Control is popular with those replacing traditional locks and keys due to expensive lock changes and key reissuing when keys are lost, stolen or copied.  

Systems can use tokens or pin numbers and there are two installation options – ‘online’ for networked access control for sites with multiple doors and users or ‘offline’ for smaller sites with fewer users where each door is programmed individually.

Wireless Door Handles

Easy to install with minimal disruption, wireless door handles suit a variety of locations. Access is gained with key cards which are easily barred from the system if they are lost or stolen.

Suitable for standalone or networked sites, wireless door handles come in two designs – one is a slimline design suitable for use on networked internal doors and the other is smart, compact, and suitable for interior and exterior. Available in black or white.

Door Entry

Door entry allows you to view visitors on your smartphone, tablet or PC before granting or denying them access to your building.

Cameras have a pan and tilt function to capture callers at an angled view and provide good quality images during the day or at night. For higher security sites a secondary camera can be added.

Other features include an integrated intruder alarm and video voicemail where visitors can leave you a message.

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Why choose Triton Telecom?

Our solutions are fully flexible so there is a cost-effective option for every type of business and building. Products are manufactured in Britain by Paxton who are market leaders with over 30 years’ experience.