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What is Hosted Voice-over-Internet-Protocol?

Having a VoIP phone system installed in your business allows you to take advantage of the amazing advances in technology and communication that we’ve seen over the last few years.

Instead of traditional copper wires, VoIP works by transferring your calls over the internet. This means there’s no need for a traditional phone system with expensive cabling and location constraints.

Not only this, but traditional phone lines will cease to exist by 2025. Both residential and business phone lines will have to switch over to VoIP before 2025 so don’t be caught out by last minute price rises.

What are the benefits of VoIP from Triton Telecom?

  • VoIP is fully flexible, so we always find a solution which suits your specific needs rather than sell you a one-size-fits-all system
  • Installation will cause minimum disruption to your business and only requires a small capital outlay. Should you need to move premises further down the line, we can transfer your VoIP system to your new building
  • No expensive hardware needed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Integrated voicemail and hold music
  • Transfer calls easily and setup group ringing for different employees
  • Auto attendant which can easily be accessed via a portal on your PC
  • Triton UC App is included, which is compatible with Apple phones/tablets, Android phones/tablets and PC/Desktop
  • Pre-arranged Disaster recovery means that, should the worst occur, we can instantly divert calls. There’s no need to wait hours for a solution

Who are Triton Telecom’s Hosted Systems suitable for?

Every type and size of business who are looking for a reliable, cost-effective, telephone service which is installed with minimal disruption and cost.

We want to help you have the best possible experience with your telecoms, so call us today  for expert advice and to arrange a quote.